BAT tokens disappeared (with photo proof)

Payouts take place on 6th of each month.

On 12th, had over 1 BAT pending (have photo)

By the 14th, BAT dropped to under 0.8 pending…

Why/how can you justify removing pending BAT?

No point continuing to waste time clicking ads (some French and some Nazi based…) If you are going to just delete my rewards.

(Should also give the option to flag inappropriate ads [French and nazi], but I am disabling ads until rewards are returned and processes have been put in place to avoid such issues in the future)

It might be because of the value of BAT went down? It fluctuates depending on the value of the market. Also, you can email if you were served an offensive ad

Also you can give those ads a thumbs down and next to that ad disable ever seeing from that category again

It was not an issue with declining value leading to lower BAT.

The value dropped from 1.51 to below 0.5

And where is there an option to thumbs down ads? I have looked multiple times and have seen nothing.
When you select the notification, it takes you to the website… there is nothing I have seen that would indicate having the ability to flag or thumbs down like a traditional PPC/ppv advertisement.

Then that might be because your old estimated earnings for May was still there mixing with the June current estimated pendings. Once the counter catches up and refreshes it appears it is gone, but it is not. Heads up: Estimated pending rewards counter fix . As for the thumbs down thing, it can only be done on PC from what I know, because mobil does not offer viewing the 7 days ad history from what I know.

Turned on ads to try and locate thumbs down. Still can’t find it.

Sure enough it was the neo-nazi ad that came up…

There is no option to thumbs down, mark as inappropriate, or mark as not relevant.

It was 6 days after payout.
There is no reason the estimated amount should have been affected considering it went down to zero days before.

But I appreciate the attempt at helping

Oh yeah if that is mobile I am not sure if you can view this 7 day ad history… if that is truly a bad ad, which it looks to be, email that email to report it. I found that email in the Brave websites FAQ, so you can find it yourself if you desire.

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