Bat tokens are displaying incorrectly

I have 13.25 bats in wallet, i dont know what happend next morning both my ads blocked and bat tokens have been reset but the thing here is if i go tobrave://rewards/ and select reset it displays my 13.25 bat tokens are still there, i will be attaching that photo i need help

Very strange. I’ll tag a team member to look into this.
Also, could you try restarting Brave and maybe restart your device?
Also turn off brave private ads and restart Browser and turn it back on and restart Browser to see if it makes any changes.
@Evan123 could you assist? Thanks.

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yeah i did restart my pc, browser. but all my bookmarks, history are as before but my themes, settings, rewards, no of ads blocked are resat

Since it also is an issue with basic browser settings and stuff, I’ll tag @Mattches for this as well.

Just to be clear, you’re saying that in your Rewards panel and/or Rewards settings page, it shows 0BAT but when if you go to reset your wallet, it warns you that you have the 13 BAT you earned still in your wallet, correct?

Can you tell me if your BAT also appears on your brave://rewards-internals page?

yes, that is exactly what is happening.

in the rewards internals, it is also showing 13.25 bats

btw i am uploading my current page

Could you share a screenshot of page at brave://rewards

everything normal here

I am pretty confused about what is wrong. Hopefully the team will be able to help. Also could you tell if your rewards was connected to Uphold / Gemini?

no my rewards is not linked to any wallet i am just bats saving bats so that one day brave launches its service in india i would be able to withdraw.

my main concern here is not about my settings, history . its about rewards i wouldn’t have mind it if everything is reset i would have thought it is just an another bad day but in my case it says that i have 13 bats but not in my pocket ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I sincerely hope that you know about the recent changes.
Do check out this if you don’t

In short, to earn more BATs you will have to connect to Uphold /Gemini. If you’re not connected, your earnings will be auto contributed. Also if you aren’t able to connect to a custodial Partner till April, the saved BATs will expire.

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