BAT tokens and disk formatting


I’ve been using Brave for a while now and managed to collect some BAT tokens. However, I haven’t collected 25 pieces yet and I have a disk formatting planned. I would like to keep my BAT tokens and not lose them. If I set up a Uphold wallet, will they be redirected from the browser to the wallet or not? From what I read once, I have to have 25 BAT to get a prize on the wallet. Besides, I have to do KYC? Thanks in advance for your help.

I think is posible to verify the wallet on desktop/laptop ignoring the 25 bat requirement, but I don’t remember how.

the uphold wallet will only save the bat already claimed, any bat in the estimated pending rewards will be lost if you format your disk

yes, currently there’s a bug that prevent the bat claimed prior verification to be sent to uphold, a fix already exist in the beta version.

Ok thanks for the answers and help.

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