BAT tokens addition problem

Hello i am new to Brave i activated the Brave rewards at the beginning my BATs went up but since last night i have ads that appear and when i click, nothing more happens … the counter does not increase any more … i have activated the 5 Ads per day …

Hi @AlphaReaktor, I know you claim you’re getting ads while not seeing an increase in BAT, but you could run through this checklist as it includes tips on several things that could be affecting you.
In the meantime, post your OS and Brave version, as @justsomeone1 or @JohnDproof could jump in here with further advice and that would be needed to figure out what could be going on. Good luck!

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Hello @AlphaReaktor

plus what @saereV asked you

could you also send screen shot for the ads you see that does not count

and have a nice day for both of you :slight_smile:

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