Bat Token Transfer

I am Danish but i am currently in thailand for the next few years
But thailand is not supported to transfer my bat rewards

what to do would a vpn be fine i can complete a kyc due to my passport or is this not Legal or ?? but atleast for the love of god remove this feature where it autoblock me due to my currently location i like privacy i dont want my browser to track where the heck i am

KYC through your passport or other government ID determines the region you are in while trying to connect to Uphold / Gemini.

So unfortunately you can’t earn or redeem your BAT now.

@Hanzinater Brave doesn’t care where you live right now (see note). What they care about is your passport and what you used to KYC/AML. If you have an Uphold account and you’ve used Denmark passport and chose Denmark as your country for Rewards, then you’ll earn from that and be able to connect.

If you end up choosing Thailand as your country or created an Uphold account using a Thailand passport, then you would be restricted since Thailand is currently not a supported country.


I said Brave doesn’t care where you live. Overall that’s true. But one thing to keep in mind is ads are delivered to you based on your IP address. So you would see Thailand ads while in Thailand. There is a possibility that it could flag you as seeing that you’re always getting ads from a different country and think it’s suspicious, but I’m not quite sure the chances of that happening.

I just want to make sure to add that little part so you know it’s a possibility.

yeah i will try a god ol vpn and see if it can do the trick :slight_smile:

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