BAT Token Tips broken!

I tried tipping my brothers creator profile with my 3.2BAT tokens. The first token of 1BAT went through then I though to send the two but I did not check my token balance, So I send them through and go to look at the balance and it showed still 2.2tokens remaining. I though for some reason they might now have gone through. Tried again. It said it was sent and etc. I check the account and it says 2.2 remaining. Thought that it didnt work for some reason and tried again. Still the same result. Just though it was a bug, Restarted PC tried again. Tried from different PC using the wallet key and yet the same issue. Tried again after restart - still the same issue the 2BAT tips of 1token did not go though (at least what I though). Now I call my brother to check his wallet and he says that he received 30+ coins from me even though my wallet still shows I have 2.2BAT remaining. Now I check history and it does indeed say that I send that many tips. Crazy bug guys. Don;t lose out money because of this, I hope people won’t exploit in a bad way now. Fix ASAP or you will lose money!!! You can send infinity amount of tips but none will be taken off (except the first one)
BAT devs please fix it for your sake!

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Update: Just got a message from a friend to whom I asked to send my brother a token and the same issue happened for him. So this is a widespread bug or once in a lifetime crypto giveaway. I assume the correct answer is the first.


This issue has been fixed…

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