BAT Token price on Brave


I noticed that my BAT Tokens (613.45) are only at $172 when it is at .32 per token as of 7/13/18. Why is it so low priced?

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Hi @rdee62, can you give more info?

Like where did you see this? Is it on Preferences > Payments?

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I’m not allowed to withdrawal my transferred BItcoin (bitcoin into BAT)


you can check BAT price here at


Hi @Rdee62, this is just a matter of the browser querying for the current USD rate of BAT. It may not always be exactly up to date when you’re looking at it. However, you can try restarting your browser, which may prompt a new query.

For example, I just opened Brave and checked my conversion rate, and it works out to $0.35 as of this second.


Sometimes it frustrates me so bad that BAT price just goes down and that it’s not passing $0.5 anymore. Maybe it’s me but I think it’s one of the few projects that actually has a working product and a product that people can use.


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