BAT Token Outreach and Promotion Suggestions


Hi Team,

Here are a few suggestions to help BAT Tokens get more exposure and to start getting new publishers onboard. The screenshots are just rough mock-ups for visual reference.

  • Simplify the navigation (use analytics to determine which links to show) and showcase BAT Token as either a link to or create a separate page on to explain what it is. Another suggestion is to change the “DOWNLOAD” link into a button for better visibility and hopefully conversion.

  • Automate the publisher outreach process by creating a script that emails webmasters (find email address from whois) once X number of Brave users visit the site. Make the email compelling and hit a pain point, ie. recover lost revenue, ads blocked on your site, missing out on potential revenue, etc. As an extension of this and I’m not sure if it’s being done but perhaps when a Brave Payment is made to a publisher not a part of Brave it will automatically send an email to the webmaster on how to accept the Brave Payment.

  • To further promote outreach, create a site index similar to that shows Brave relevant stats. Have an option where a publisher can “Claim this Page”. An index of websites should further help with organic SEO traffic to, overall site content and interaction on the site.

  • Create publisher tools like a snippet of JS that will replace the blank ad space with a custom message to Brave/ad-block users to contribute to the site. Might not be to this point yet but would be interesting to have some easy copy-paste tools publishers can use to recover lost ad revenues from ad-blocked traffic.

As always, hope this helps!




Thanks @mudanoman!

Appreciate the feedback. We have GH issues open for some of these, and have automation listed in the Mercury Phase in the roadmap. We’ll definitely discuss the feedback here internally and see what else we may be able to work in from your notes here. :slight_smile: