Bat token not add in brave publiser account।

Hello sir, I had transferred 10 to 10 bat tokens on my YouTube channel, but here I am showing on the site of the company, will my ba

t token be added to my Brave Reward Publisher?

Like answered on the other thread – please don’t create multiple post with same issue – here Not add my bat token in brave reward creater , you only sent 1 BAT to your channel and 20 BAT to So that’s expected to only see 0.95 BAT in your dashboard (5% contribution fee). And nothing we can do to take it back.

I have the same problem. Except the person sending me tips didn’t get the destination wrong . It appears in their account that they have sent tokens as a tip to my twitter channel . Never got them … I then appear as an unverified user. The amounts have been credited, but blocked somewhere along Is is not a singular event in my case, several followers have told me they sent tips which I never gotten. I also have a topic opened…it’s been a week Verified Twitter channel doesn't receive tips Both my channels appear as verified on BATgrowth yet I cannot get contributions