Bat token losing value

BAT token value is taking a big hit this past month. Down 21%. Are we going to recover?

It was lower when I started using brave. It will fluctuate.

Crypto currencies are VERY volitile investments. The vast majority of cryptos are down right now. Like any investment, just hold (hodl) your BAT and the price will rise over time. Think long term. Another way to look at it is, the lower the BAT price stays, the more you accumulate per ad. Then when the price does rise you’re better off.

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                        Excuse my excursion.

A couple of days ago, I had a dream. In the twilight of a freezing new day, the Brave BAT woke up from its somniferous sleep and started to increase cent by cent, slowly but confidently; It kept its steady rise and passed the Too-Proudish Etherium as if the latter didn’t exist; It continued its meteoric momentum in the ether and is now neck to to neck with the Almighty Bitcoin, battling it for the holy grail. Suddenly, I remembered my old and rusted 963 BATs I have gathered, 0.005 BAT by 0.005 BAT over the years, that I kept in a worn orange wallet for a possible better future… Then I was teleported in a paradisiacal green and turquoise island, I was surfing on aqua blue waters in a thirty-meter long golden Chevrolet, full of thirty young girls of all shapes and colors. It was bliss! We were chanting loudly, dancing, scuba diving in magical forests… when suddenly I heard a voice that had the effet of a deflated balloon on me. “Darling, you are late for work”, “The breakfast is on the table”, and “Do not forget to take the bin out”. And, yesterday, when I narrated the episodes of my fantastic dream to my friends, gathered before a work meeting, they all laughed and laughed at this story, and everyone seemed to be very happy!

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@CerealLover LOL

Too funny. I too have had very similar dreams and reactions from family and friends. :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone can dream… then I remember that time I invested in that “Bridge to Nowhere”… hmmmm :wink:

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it will no longer be able to recover, so tip all your BAT to me. :sweat_smile:
JK :v::v:

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It’s actually a 30% loss. If you don’t like this kind of volatility: don’t do crypto.

@ptpck29 Posting to the topic again because I realized I didn’t put my two cents worth about the topic!

I think it will recover in the long term, especially if Brave continues developing and integrating the things outlined in the below articles. It is just not there yet and Brave needs a few more improvements and changes in certain areas (like customer support hahaha) beforehand and for the software itself to be more stable.

I don’t think Brave is ready for BAT to take off. Really would be interesting to see ratio and cost/benefit analyses of various segments of their operations, but that ain’t gonna happen. :laughing:

Posting here and seeing BAT losing value can tend to give users a negative outlook. Community members see a lot of complaints and issues but taken as a percentage of the total user base, that number is probably miniscule in the overall scheme of things. There is probably a big benefit to Brave development to have a community geared towards only reporting problems and feedback… confused me at first but makes sense in some respects… plus it takes less resources… musings getting off topic here… I could ramble on but I think I’ll stop now. lol

BAT Roadmap 2.0

State of the BAT

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