BAT Token donation amounts

WHY do you make the donation amounts for BAT rewards so ridiculously high?
I have 4 BAT in my rewards account. I want to donate 1 BAT each to 4 sites. Not possible! Min donation = 10 BAT. Seems to be like that in new version??
W.T.F. ???

I was a HUGE fan of your project, now you really are starting to disappoint me big time … first all BSC interactions were bugged, BSC not usable, then after you fixed that the Banano Vault cannot execute POW anymore and now you are ruining your core feature by making donations ridiculously high?? :unamused:

Please anybody tell me how I am supposed to donate anything with 4 BAT in my wallet??

Well, now I found out how you can do individual amounts … but still, what are they thinking - 10 is the lowest … how on earth one is gonna make for example 100 BAT with rewards alone and give that to multiple sites in a single month??

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