Bat token contribution

I am a old user of brave browser and i have a uphold account link with brave.but i have never given any bat contribution.any help?

Hi @Eftiker12 - currently you are unable to sync your Adroid Brave wallet with your Uphold wallet. This is something that we’re working towards building.

Will it be fixed or not?and how long?

I don’t have a time estimate but it is something the team is working on.

I appreciate your comcern ,but its been long time with brave ,without any contribution.i feel its better to use chrome

Thanks for your candidness. I hope that you’ll give us another shot down the road.

I have the same problem.
I’m using Brave for couple months on mobile (Android 6.0) and PC (Windows 10) and I’m not receiving contribution. I’m uphold verified user.

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