BAT token ballance gone after linking to Gemini

I’ve just verified my Gemini wallet and linked it to my browser Rewards wallet.
I was hoping to connect the wallets on all my devices and sync the ballance into a single wallet. But it seems that as soon as I linked my wallet - my ballance turned 0 (well, yeah, it’s 0 in the target Gemini wallet, obviously). I tried unlinking the wallet, the balance never returned. So now I linked it back to gemini.
Is there a way to link the wallets without losing the ballance? I’ve kind of collected up a bunch of BAT by now, and was hoping that whenever I decide to link a verified wallet, I’d get to actually keep it…

Version 1.36.119 Chromium: 99.0.4844.83 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Wallet Verified on 25.03.2022.

Using VPN at the moment. Not always and not on all devices.

Situated in Latvia

I do not have auto-contribute enabled.

Ok, so it takes some time to update the ballance.
I’ve now received my ballanced, synced a wallet on a second device, and by now it’s ballance also synced into the wallet.
So everything seems good!

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