BAT tips on my youtube never received

Description of the issue: youtubel channel tipped twice, but BATs were never received. Total of 9-10 BATS

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): Tipped twice from 2 different iphones on February 9 or 10th and tips were received 24 hrs later, but the subsequent tips never showed up in my account.

Reproduces how often: it is the second time it happens. January and February 2020 I had the same issue.

5 tips were sent from an IOS and the other 4-5 tips was sent from a windows computer.

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I only have this screen shot.

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Hi @bichinho1 - can you DM me the email linked to your account? Just to confirm, are these tips sent from your own devices? Please note that self tipping is not supported.

Hi Steeven,

The screen shot shows myself tipping, but the other tip was not. However, I tipped my YouTube channel because Asad said it was fine to do it since those BATs were earned from ads.

Can you tell me how to DM you? I don’t know how to do it.

Hello @bichinho1. Click at the photo of Steeven and then click at “Message”. Then write everything you want to send to him. This is a private way to send info.

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@steeven, I think I found out where those tips ended up. They were going straight to my suspended bat count. Hopefully you guys can fix it because I want to upload a few videos to my YouTube channel and I wanted to use those Bats to pay for marketing on youtube so I can reach more viewers. I used my wife’s phone to send me 1 bat to test it and it went straight to the suspended bat count. Please advise how it can be fixed so I feel encouraged again to advocate for you guys.

Thanks for the additional info @bichinho1. To send a DM, click on my profile name and then click message. Send me the email address linked to your account there.


I DMed you now.
I sent you a message a few weeks ago with my email, .