BAT tipped to my GitHub still pending after two months - Is this normal?

I am a verified publisher and in November I received BAT tips to my GitHub (one of several accounts I’ve connected in the Rewards hub). I have been waiting months to move this BAT to my Uphold account, but the Payout Progress Bar has been stuck between Reviewing and In Progress for over 60 days. I was expecting it to be paid out yesterday, during the last batch of Reward payouts, but its progress has not changed. Is this a bug or does it typically take this long for tips to clear in the system?

Creators payout is happens around 8th, US time zone.

Did you have a verified Uphold account connected to your Creator account? Did you see “an error message” on your Creator dashboard?

Also, there’s a 5 BAT minimum threshold for payout.

Okay thanks, I will wait till after the 8th and reply here if it is still pending at the time. I was definitely a verified publisher and verified Uphold user prior to receiving the tips, and the total is > 5BAT.

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