BAT taken without consent

It seems that it keeps happening to people and there is no resolution from the team other than saying that we are to blame for not turning off the auto-contribute. This seems like a flawed system and sketchy considering apparently Brave was paid along with other random sites I barely visited.
Can you please change auto-contribute to be turned off for everyone automatically, this should not be a feature people have no control over.


Brave Rewards is a program that lets you earn tokens that you can use to redeem rewards or anonymously support the sites you visit. Brave Rewards is composed of a few different features: Brave Ads , Auto-Contribute and Tipping .

The contribution of bat is one of the main reasons why the system exist, so if someone doesn’t want to give away his bat then yes, is his responsibility to disable it (in all his devices if he is using the sync feature). I disable it since I started using brave more than 7 months ago and never had a problem with it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Make a feature request for that

In my case, an update seemed to have enabled auto-contribute because I definitely had it turned off on all of my machines. Then after one update on one of my machines after a restart all the bat was sent automatically to BravePublishers without my actual consent.

Can the amount be redeemed?

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Why is it the responsibility of the user to disable it. This is bad design at best, nefarious thievery at worst.

yeah, contact steeven

Steeven fixed it for me! Got a full refund.

Great support, will do a monthly contribution now! WITH consent! :wink:


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Steeven definitely never messaged me back. ahahaha

It’s understandable since there are a lot of users that are experiencing the same problem and he is the one that has to deal with all of that, try messaging him again

Why can’t Brave auto turn off the feature and allow opt in instead ?

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