BAT sent to brave software international ? Why?

Looking at my Uphold account I just saw that everything has gone to Brave Software. May I ask why?


I use Brave on 3 OS, all with the same settings:

  • Same Uphold account
  • Same selected contributors (Mainly Wikipedia)
  • Even etc…

I have nothing against giving money to Brave Software, but Brave Software already takes its commission for every ad posted. So I would like other sites/companies/organizations to benefit from it.


Look if auto-contribution is off at Brave Rewards

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Thanks for your answer, Romanian friend ^^ (I am French but I live in Bucharest).

Yes, the option is voluntary activated. I thought that on Uphold I would see directly the names of the recipients in the list (Wikipedia, The Register, etc…), not only “Brave Software”. There is a lack of transparency here.

Mulţumesc foarte mult Andrei :wink:


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