BAT sent to Brave International Software but auto-contribute is deactivated


It’s been the 4th time since december that I get 1 BAT sent to Brave International, without having auto-contribute enabled (at first) or explicitely clicking on some “send tip” button. This happened december 22, January 23, april 23 et may 23.

I’ve got the exact same configuration as this post

Also, I do have auto-contribute disabled BUT whenever I see that I had 1 BAT sent, and I check my settings, the auto-contributed has been switched ON, but I didn’t change that settings since the last time I had that issue (where I switch it OFF, because it was switched ON I don’t know how, because it was OFF before, etc etc. I have the same “pattern” since december).

I do have multiple devices linked, and auto-contribute is OFF on each of them.

Here is some information that could be useful (event logs and contributions sreenshots):

Thanks in advance !
Feel free to ask any additional info if needed.

Likely a bug. You can file a ticket at

They’ll help if this was actually a bug and auto contribute turned on automatically.

Happened to me today too, first time

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