BAT sent not appearing in Brave wallet


Pretty self explanatory.

Nothing in my wallet…
What’s up?

Kind Regards,


Hi @tigger

When I visit that link it’s just perpetually searching. When did you try to add to your wallet? It can take some time to appear.



Hi @LaurenWags

Thanks for the response.

Um, here’s the transaction ID in plain UTF instead.

Here are the important numbers. I’ll check my Brave again now but last time I checked it was at over 300 confirmations and I still had nothing.




thanks - link works now. that was weird :grinning:

check your balance in the wallet and let us know.



Hmm, nope nothing Lauren.

What’s strange is that the deposit address for the BAT is correct, I havent used uphold at all but dont see how that would play a role.



Uphold is our partner for Brave wallets, so that’s how they come into the equation :slight_smile:

Let’s wait a few more hours, unfortunately balance update can be slower than we would like. If it doesn’t show up by tomorrow post your OS and I can send you instructions on how to get your paymentId which we can then use to investigate your wallet server-side.



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