BAT *SAVINGS (*Earning interest.) -- is it possible (and SAFE.) to have 'passive income' using "CredEarn" or apps like "ZenGo"?

Hi, dear Bravers!

Does anyone have familiarity with BAT savings? How does that function? Is it safe? Pros/cons?

I’m motivated to broadcast this question by seeing those two Brave ads:

ZenGo claims that we/you can earn BAT - how, via Savings? Or they have some other mechanism?

Tapping on the ad leads users directly to their app ๑ Play Store, called “ZenGo”.
Are they safe?

How does Saving/Earning interest even work?

I think I even saw an Uphold app (integration) that promises the same thing - you deposit some BAT and earn something. Dunno if BAT is supported as currency but it’s called CredEarn:

BAT is my 1st cryptocurrency so please forgive me for my lack of knowledge.

Sharing is caring! = Anyone willing to explain how this works, what sites to use etc - thank you in advance! :heart:


Side question - I’m a bit confused with category organization of this forum. Dunno where’s the proper place to post things like this, to actually stimulate - discussion/talk among all Brave users - despite platform they use or Operating system or brave release channel (stable/beta/nightly).

Maybe Brave employees can help me, for future - @Mattches, @rossmoody, @Aa-ron & @alex - is there something like a “waitroom” where I could open topic and leave it to you guys and gals to decide & move it to the proper category?

If not, what category should I use for “General talk” (about anything Brave or BAT related, much like Brave’s (sub)Reddit - that covers literally everything from A to Z.) == Tnx!

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Yeah! Forum should have few more categories like Off-Topic, General Questions, Request Unsuspend, Announcements (for mega-threads or other useful announcements), Discussion, Report cheaters, Forum Games etc.

Would make people stay engaged with the community.


I absolutely agree w/ ya, @karlechuia :handshake::raised_hand::+1: - your (category) suggestion is even better! :heart_eyes:

I’ll also tag @steeven because, for some reason, he’s the most active, polite & helpful person - out of all Brave employees present on the forum. Unfortunately, he (Steven) is also (constantly) overburden w/ resolving plethora of payouts issues; yet he manages everything. @steeven - wish all employees were as active as you… -

I even have a suggestion about that (see the list of employees) = maybe every Brave employee should have a clear explanation of what position (responsibility) he or she carries (in his/her forum profile description, maybe with a special badge or something easily visible.) - only so that we, users, know who can be contacted (or tagged) for what issue or idea or whatever.

Transparency is good… Knowing who’s active (on the forum) and what is the area of expertise of employees would significantly help us - users who plan to stay and help improve Brave.

As 4 forum software, I really dig this software chosen by Brave team (Discourse) but better categorization (“a granular approach”) would be beneficial…

…because useful threads get “overloaded”… - by complaints of newbies (who constantly start new threads like every hour…) with pretty much the same problem (that could/should be placed in pre-existing threads.), that they could resolve (or learn more about.) - if only they used the Search feature..
Or: [Google search ᵃᵏᵃ keyword/issue](http://Payout issue
Or: common sense.


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