BAT Rewards to transfer from one device to other

I have downloaded Brave in my Oppo phone and have around 2 BAT. I hav decided to buy a new Samsung phone. Can i transfer that 2 BAT from Oppo to Samsung? I have not connected any wallet because of 25 BAT limit. What can I do? If i can transfer, how should i do? Please answer

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Hey Mitaansh,

Art Brown here your friendly neighborhood brave content creator/publisher. I wanted to take the opportunity to shed some insight on your current trending community post inquiry .

First and foremost if you have not heard it elsewhere around the brave community, then allow me to be amongst the first to welcome you and introduce you to this awesome block chain project we call brave browser. As you will soon see for yourself, that the brave browser powered by BAT community is growing to everyday new record users ad that’s saying a lot in our present economical downturn due to Mr. Covid19.
In any case it is my understanding that if you already have an existing device receiving BAT tokens and you want to add more devices to that same account then I would highly recommend that you setup a SYNC CHAIN from your existing device and then add whatever other device types available to your disposal.

I recommend that you make every effort to apply this solution first before attempting any other measures that could interrupt or exclude your SYNCED devices without any unnecessary stressful loss of BAT distribution as well. of course my friend, I am under the impression that you still have access to the original device that you have been accumulating your BAT tokens on and so this setup should be a piece of cake for you player… Until the next Brave Mention … Live Long and Prosper in Privacy :vulcan_salute: with Brave powered by BAT!

By the way friends, It needs to be noted that I am not employed nor compensated in any manner beyond my standard BAT distribution for offering this bit of advice… Chow

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