BAT rewards on Sponsored Images seem to fire off more during weekends

I use my computer 24/7, but correct me if I’m wrong, the sponsored images seem to be a lot more “generous” during Saturdays and Sundays.

So much so that sometimes a single day on the weekend can reward more BATs than during the entire week, despite me browsing for more or less the same amount of hours. It offsets "notifier ad"s by far, is this intended behaviour and if so why?

I haven’t noticed it, but I do know that you can reload the new tab page to “force” the sponsored images to appear, but after 5 S.I are showed, they stop paying. it seems that there’s a limit of how many you can see and be paid in a set time (maybe per hour?)

they stop being counted too

Nah, I’ve definitely gone over 5 per hour, though without forcing tabs.

I think it’s more of an hour-cooldown (max. X per hour). With a maximum of Y per day.

Hello @themadprogramer @JohnDproof

for sponosr image there some limits

  1. 4 per hour
  2. 20 per day
  3. not all sponsor image will pay all user some will be only available to certain country despite you still see it

you can check this link (thanks for @JohnDproof for that link :wink: )to know if the current one will pay you or not

hope that help and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:


Still confused how advertisors might get a “free” add in my region, but sounds about right.

An intuitive explanation I guess could be that more ad campaigns are run during the weekend?

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i think maybe brave should update the sponsor image algorithm so they only show sponor image for only the country that the advertiser choose to promote

@tmancey could you check this point :point_up:

what i see that it the same at least from where i am from not sure if things is different depend on country

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Confirmed ads are still shown, however, users in unsupported countries will not be paid. We are looking at ways to improve this experience. Thank you everybody for your feedback.


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