BAT Rewards on broken browser

Ok Brave Beta is no longer receiving ads for me. As I don’t have the minimum to verify my wallet I can’t send the BAT anywhere.

I assume the only way around this is to TIP myself?

It would be nice if we could send stuck BAT to an external wallet (Safepal, Ledger, Trezor) since we’ll never be able to retrieve if we can’t reach the verification minimum or unless we have creator accounts.

bro in your mobile phone use destop window

or you can send me your bat i wll send it on your external wallet

Well shoot son, that sure does sound mighty good of you.

But the turnip truck in fell off of will be back to pick me up any minute…

But yeah, thanks for the offer.

I have a creator account, and I can tip myself to get the BAT. I was just hoping there was an easier way to move it around (such as sync the BAT balance between the Beta and Release browsers), without having to pay the service fee for the tip.


there is no withdrawal of tokens to uphold verification passed what kind of delays are so strong

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Hey @skgrey9498 !

We do not recommend you tip yourself to bypass this issue, we should try to work out why you are not receiving any ads lately :slight_smile:

First we need information about the issue you are having in as much detail as possible. I recommend creating a new thread and filling out the template.

Hope to help you soon.


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