BAT rewards not transfered to my uphold

hello, i ma using three laptops, one is mac and 2 are windows, i have 26.940 in one laptop, 25.750 in the there laptop and 28.350 BAT tokens in my third laptop, today i received 22.887 BAT tokens in up uphold account, i am completely clueless for which laptop i receive these BAT tokes, if i add the actual BAT tokens i have in 3 laptop they would sum up to 81 BAT token. and all i received is just 22 BAT tokens, last month i receive bat tokens from 3 laptops into my uphold without any issue but this time i dont know what has happened.


Hi @Adilmehraj - payments are still processing - MEGATHREAD: August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support. They will be processing through tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.


i am so sorry if i sounded to be in rush, i am in no hurry, i will wait till tomorrow. i am facing another issue since yesterday, i did not receive a single add on any of my devices. this began since yesterday.

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Hi @steeven
can you explain the process step by step. I linked one desktop Windows browser last month. Now I also want to attach to my Uphold, Android and another desktop. I went to each of them through “Wallet Verification” into my existing wallet. It turned out that in the browser I went to my wallet. I can see the sections: Add Funds, Withdraw Funds and Go to My Uphold Account. But BAT did not automatically go to Uphold. What other actions are needed?
I have a card Brave browser in Uphold. In my opinion, it was created automatically when I bind the first browser last month. Create a separate card for each of the browsers?
maybe this is due to payments are still processing?

You don’t have to do anything extra in order to transfer your BAT rewards to your uphold account. Just click on the claim button, which’ll appear on the payout date.

Then, if your uphold account is verified, you BAT will be transferred automatically.

If you uphold account isn’t verified, no worries, your BAT is still stored in your browser’s wallet. This’ll automatically be transferred to uphold when you verify your account.

@Clumsyknight BAT are accumulated in the browser. I had no problems with this. BAT are not automatically sent to Uphold. Uphold verified. It went quickly with one browser last month. The question is related to the addition of 2 new BrowserWallet to Uphold. BATs are visible in the browser, but not in Uphold.

Are you talking about this month’s payout?
If yes, those payouts are still in progress and haven’t completed.
So, you’ll have to wait till tomorrow, if you still don’t see that amount in uphold wallet, maybe try contacting a moderator.

August Payout Megathread, refer this to check on the payment progress

I am in the same situation. Let wait until tomorrow. Happy clicking

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@Clumsyknight ok. Will wait. Thank you

Hello! Are you still processing because i have about 26 Bat to be sent on my Uphold, this was suppose to be yesterday. And still nothing… Can you let me know? Thanks a lot!

Yes, I also still do not display Bat in Uphold. Has the process been completed or not? do I need to write to the support?

Hey Steeven, i see the payments as been completed… Well not for me, i’ve been paid about the half of the earnings for this month, usually i ve been receiving it without any issues on verifies uphold and latest version of the browser… What is going on?? Thanks!!!

Hi @Freyfrey - please see Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account.

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HI @steeven how are you?.. The bat of my confirmed referrals do not appear yet!. please i need answer. THANKS.

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We can’t get our little amount of bat for some chitter :sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat:

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I had to reconnect my Uphold account yes (it has been disconnected i don’t know why and i have reconnected it), honestly this is very close to not acceptable. I will not watch a single Brave ads until i get my Bat’s reward sent… I don’t receive it with some excuses? Then i don’t watch ads. Thanks

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Please DM the email linked to your account. Thanks!

Im having the same problems. I have a phone

and a lap top transferd to upheld. Last month I was missing about $27. Spoke with upheld support. They said they only have what is transfered and thats all. Asked for picture this month I took pictures.![20200817_111842|375x500] This month 22 bat almost $7 missing(upload://pD45EqQ9USH7WWi1NtiZ1I4s5W5.jpeg)

It was add in the browser for a second then deleted. Upheld shows nothing.

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