BAT Rewards inexplicably decrease

I have been enjoying the Brave browser for several months. My installation has been running on Debian Linux and I’m currently using Brave Version 1.28.83 Chromium: 92.0.4515.93 (Official Build) beta (64-bit), Over the past 2+ weeks I have observed my BAT rewards repeatedly going down without explanation. Initially, I thought that this was related to my Uphold wallet, and even after disconnecting it, I continue to see my BAT rewards increase and then later decrease. I don’t get it. Does anyone have any insight on how or why this is occurring? Is it possible that my browser has been compromised in some way?

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Hey @Nonna ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

Are you referring to your balance or your estimated earnings that is randomly decreasing?

Can you send a screenshot of your brave://rewards page?

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Hey Michael,
Thank you for your response. I’ve attached a screenshot of my brave://rewards page.

I don’t understand what’s going on. Earlier today I was at 0.905 BAT. I’d appreciate any insight you can provide.



Hey @Nonna !

We just got a fix rolled out to users, please give it a couple of days and if you are still experiencing this issue let me know!


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Thank you. Will do.


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Hi banana! The problem is still here

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Welcome to the community!
Don’t worry about the decrease, it is the fluctuation of the markets if you go deeper and analyze the Basic Token Chart; you shall see that it will descend until a certain point when it will come back so take it easy.

That’s not the issue, it has been fixed by the Moderators, and we shall see the fix very soon.

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The same happens to me. Had 4,200 Bat and fell to 3,052 Bat. What I know your reward is in bats or is the value of the USD may vary, but the bat does not.

They have fixed this issue in the latest update.

Please update it to the latest version.

I already have the updated version

Oh I get it, they have changed something in the Rewards Section and it only shows Estimated BATs of current Month.

The BATs which disappeared shall be credited.

Today I Updated brave to [Version 1.27.108 Chromium: 92.0.4515.107 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

I lost around 1.1 BAT. Earlier it was around 2.97 but now it is reduced to “1.865 BAT”.

I have checked my uphold account as well nothing is transferred there.

Please help.


This morning, saturday 24th july, I had the same problem: my estimated earnings got down from 6,245 BAT to 1,100 BAT. I don’t now what happen, I was only using the browser.
May you help me?

I got the same problem. Had about 8 BAT and now I just have 1.9 BAT.

Same here and its not the first time it has happening… Went from 7.4 to 2.56 just why ? Add to that that it’s been 2 days without any BATS from ads for whatever reason…

Hey @fralucci @throwyourluckaway @Asw

We have updated how the estimated earnings counter shows you your earnings; it now more accurately shows your rewards. Please refer to this post → Update: New and improved “Estimated pending rewards” (Brave Ads earnings) counter coming in v1.27

Important to note that your Rewards have not gone missing :slight_smile: only being shown more accurately.


@GreenBananaPorridge currently showing earnings for this month and the earnings from the previous months will be paid out together next time? Would be nice if you would add a “total outstanding earnings”. So I could see my 8 BATs and not just my ~1.9 BATs.

“only being shown more accurately” - well it just shows the earnings from this month, not all as before.

@throwyourluckaway Current earnings show rollover balance from previous month. See this-

@Aman_M I began to use Brave at the end of March. I got paid out 3 BAT in April. Currently I have no pending or outstanding payment. Current earnings for this month is about 2 BAT. I had over 8 BAT. So there should be about 6 BAT left, that were not paid out or are not showing anywhere. Will they be paid out at the next payment date? Together with the earnings from this month?