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Hi so i had brave for awhile. But im just noticing, when i look and see my “estimated earnings” i never see it get paid out. Checked my Gemini wallet and looked in my transfer history and I just have BAT being transferred to things that i have no idea where its going? I should have a couple of bucks in my account but theres never any payout with the estimated earnings or anything and tells me i only have .250 bat every month and in my wallet

Check if you have Auto - contribute turned on, on devices linked to Gemini.

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I did have auto contribute on but I turned it off last night, which I would assume at this point has to be a waiting game until the end of the month if that’s how it works. I’m still somewhat new not knowing how it works and stuff

Okay. There have been cases where it was turned back on automatically after being off. Don’t know if it’s the same case with you

Hi @MrGlizzyy

In your transaction history do you see it being sent to Brave Software? If yes, then that indicates that you had Auto-contribute enabled.
However, since you didn’t receive your payout for this month it is best that you submit a support ticket to our Support Form for us to investigate further.


I have the same problem: I can not verifiziren my account by Gemini. I already have an account there but my BAT vor august I have not received. And I can not go into my account in Gemini. What ist the problem?

It doesn’t say Brave Software but it says “Brave Grant” but even then, I don’t ever see any of my estimated earnings in my Gemini wallet ever no matter how much it is

I had that same problem with Gemini for awhile. All I did was leave it alone for a couple of days and tried again later

That is because it’s transferred next month… I guess you mean the wallet balance?

Yeah like I’ll go to my Gemini wallet or even just clicking the little icon in the browser tab and it’s always just at .250 bat regardless of anything

From what I think, I guess you do have auto contribute turned on.
Turn it off. also as @SaltyBanana mentioned, raise a ticket at Brave Support Center

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