BAT rewards drop from 0.01 BAT/ad to 0.001 BAT/ad

No doubt about that…brave is gold even they stopped all rewards system i m gonna use anyways and i just turn off rewards bcz it’s really frustrating …try this for mind peace …:sweat_smile:


This is your personal case, not the general case of Brave users.

The fact of the matter is that Brave will not be afloat just because they keep confidentiality.
Advertising is their direct and main income.
And if you turn off ads, they won’t get anything. This claim is inappropriate.
And I’m talking about the advertising model, you don’t need to change the subject.

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@jsecretan Brave will return with the referral program?

I think General case is Brave is meant for Browsing purpose and privacy oriented, that’s why it’s name is Brave Browser,
If I’m wrong than what is general case.


current payment rate is unacceptable. im keeping the brave browser this month, if nothing changes im uninstalling. my attention costs more then 0,001usd.


Before you start speaking, first study their history, how and why the Browser was created, what guarantees were announced to investors at the stage of the ICO
Their direct income is from advertisers. No privacy or other free features will give them money to buy their own food.

Are you using for Browsing purpose or as a earning source, other browsers are worst they stole our data and sell.

Yep, I was looking for an Android browser with integrated adblock.
I found Brave because of BAT thing, though.

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If i’m right Brave rewards was first meant for tipping or supporting Creaters that they block ads while browsing… :upside_down_face:

No, it was originally adapted during the launch phase.
Even if we assume this theory, then it makes no sense for ordinary users to view ads simply in order to further reward publishers with all the means that they have earned.

If the rewards were all these problems, this would be the best browser ever.

Browsing is our daily need and privacy is our Right, I don’t see any other browsers fulfilling that. Brave is best from the Rest till Now.


You still don’t understand me. If the Brave only offers confidentiality, then he will have nothing to pay the developers with.
He needs to get money from somewhere.
They earn money directly from advertising.
There are no people who watch ads, there is no earnings. Everything is simple here.

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Brave is the best browser till now…just forget about the ad rewards

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Google especially chrome Stole our Data even from incognito mode and Sell it to earn Huge Profits and at last we get nothing… :scream_cat:

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I used brave mostly on my mobile so to verify uphold wallet I need 25 bat even if they reduced it to15 bat
I would need 15000 ads to get my bat in uphold
0.001 bat is too low atleast increase it to 0.005 per ad and 0.01 for some ads
Pls look into this

So you’re advocating for free advertising bubble boy ?


I also notice the same :sweat_smile:

Even the value of bat is dropping and they also decreased the bat from 0.10 to 0.01 which is very dissapointing. Actually i already had an idea, like every new company who are very sweet at starting and once they get enough customers then they start to make them struggle. they think this will becomes customers habbit. but no way i will delete this brave browser soon if they continue this , also ive an meme page in instagram having 2.6M followers. and in will post it there about how bad this brave browser did to their customers. all will uninstall it. i will pay other influencers too if they continue this sht.

So, i hope they will be back to normal. goodluck brave

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