BAT rewards do not accumulate and have been reset to 0.00BAT several times in front of my eyes


BAT rewards do not accumulate and have been reset to 0.00 BAT several times in front of my eyes within the Brave browser.

I have problems getting and keeping the rewards it seems. The rewards do not accumulate or are getting reset to 0.00BAT. i was a long time using bat everywhere without connecting it to uphold. It feels like after connecting my desktop, laptop and mobile brave to uphold the problems started.
I am on Linux Mint and do update as soon as my Linux Update Tool shows me that i can update brave to a new version.

current version: Version 1.23.73 Chromium: 90.0.4430.85 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)

i now have disconnected all 3 browsers from uphold again in the hope that at least it starts accumulating ad rewards again and shows some BAT in the “estimated BAT rewards” display. Its quite frustrating when you work from home and click all the ads over 3 browsers (desktop, laptop, mobile) and dont get (or see) any rewards anymore.
i still hope that magicly the next payday in may will show up all yet missing BAT, but it does’n look like it currently in all the “estimated BAT earnings” displays.

PS: how can i check if more then 4 browsers have ever been connected as it has been described in one of your checklists?

PSS: the first time i connected to uphold in january 2021, it took a while, but it seems all rewards that had been collected in the months (year) before had been transfered step by step. Is it normal that in the last months of 2021 it was way less then the year before?



Hola, no uso brave en ningún navegador, lo uso el mi celular (Android) hace más de un año…

me pasó estoy hoy a esa hora que marca… Y hasta ahora sigue en 0… Quisiera una solución concreta y lógica, no un posible problema.

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