BAT rewards disappeared on 06/16/2021 from my browser Brave Rewards card

Hi Brave Browser,

My BAT rewards disappeared from my browser Brave Rewards card displayed on my Brave Browser on 06/16/2021. I noticed that other users also posted same issue of disappearance of BAT reward from their browser on that day in Brave Community. I was also not able to claim my BAT rewards of previous month. Hence, there was BAT rewards accumulated from previous month and this month. I earned those BAT rewards from using Brave browser and ads received in brave browser.

Please resolve this issue and send me my hard earned BAT rewards.

Thank you.

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I am facing the same issue

how are you not able to claim reward? Do you have a verified uphold ac? IF you do not have uphold, you can still store it in your brave wallet.
Other user who had post about disappear BAT did not know BAT estimated pending reward was not deducted when they received their reward. Brave deduct it a weeks later

I am facing the same issue here, some of my bat coins got missing today.I don’t know why it happend. Please solve this issue.

from your brave wallet? uphold? or brave reward

from Brave rewards card in my browser. The estimated eranings gone low as well as my bat balance but the no. of ads I viewd this month is intact.

how much BAT do you have on your brave reward? is it 2 or 3 BAT
IF you collect it every day these be will the right amount

I had 1.455 Bats & the ads I watched is 185 but now it is only showing me 0.445 although the ads I watched is unchanged.

oh if thats the case you should make a post and upload screenshot of brave reward page…

I am facing the same problem , i had 4 Bats , but now its 0.000

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