BAT rewards balance does not show in Brave after 2FTA on uphold

Brave does not show my BAT balance on new tab widget or on Rewards panel after I enabled 2FA on Uphold.

I’ve contacted Uphold support and they send me here (initially ask to disable 2FA)

I am thinking about switching to Gemini if there is no fix for this! Not even sure if I am earning BATs now as I am always logged out!

Any advise is appreciated!

If no fix, can I switch the wallet from Uphold to Gemini or need to create a new account with Uphold?

Thank you

  • What does it show you?
  • Have you logged in through the widget since you activated 2FA?

Go ahead, try it. Nobody can connect to Gemini, especially new users. Integration has been down for months. Uphold is the only option for now, at least until they release on chain payments which is supposed to arrive this year.

Hey Saoiray - thanks for your response.

Is this supposed to be a professional communication? you are laughing your heart out here! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is what widget shows. I have logged in few times

Thank you

Still having same issue?

Nope. I’m a user who spends time helping people. Nothing professional about it and how I talk fluctuates. And yeah, with Gemini having some of the legal troubles they are combined with the fact that people have been complaining for months about not being able to connect, I guess I found it a bit funny to see you mention about (trying to) switching to Gemini. It wasn’t anything negative on you, just was the situation.

Yeah, I meant what happens when you try to login. Does it give you any error messages or anything? Or are you saying that it logs you in but it doesn’t change on the widget?

Did not feel anything negative :slight_smile:

Still having the issue! @jaime

When I try to log in (either way) it just asked me to go through 2FA and then validate a link via email which ends in successful log in - but opening a new tab, it still shows this:

Since Gemini is a funny beast as I learned now, I wonder if I am better off creating a new Uphold account and link it to Brave?

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