Bat rewards almost non-existent for 5 ads per hour

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**I’ve been using brave for over a year now on my Samsung A71 5G. Prior to using this phone, I was getting brave rewards correctly. I have my rewards set at 5 ads per hour, and I received the ad notifications like clock work. However when I check my bat balance, I have very little bat. Right now I have 1.5 bat. What’s wrong? Where is all of my earnings? Also when double checking to see just now if my wallet was verified, now my account balance is 0.00 and there is no option to verify. What the hell is going on?

Edit. I restarted my phone. My account showed the original 1.5 bat mentioned above, along with the option to verify my wallet. I verified my wallet. Now it’s showing a balance that’s including the previously transfered bat from an older device, along with my 1.5 bat from this device. However, all of the earned bat from the last 9 months or so it’s non-existent. 5 ads per hour and no rewards for nine months?? If I don’t get a response, I’ll monitor the rewards for the next 30 days and see what happens. Fingers crossed. Thank you in advance**

Android version 11 and Brave version 1.28.106 Chromium 92.0.4515.159

I don’t know if my wallet is verified, but I do have an uphold wallet with bat earned from prior installs on old devices

I do not know the last time I verified my wallet

I have been able to successfully receive bat rewards in the past on different devices and transfer them to my uphold wallet

I am not using VPN

I’m located in the United States

My device does pass the safetynet test

I have manually turned off the auto contribute function, however when I just checked it was turned on and my account balance was now 0.00 so I just turned it off again

Do you know how many devices you had previously verified with Uphold?

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