BAT Rewards Ad region - Georgia/Saqartvelo

Hello, I am curious if there is any new information about rolling out for new regions that will support BAT Rewards/Ads. I’m American, but working in the country Georgia (Saqartvelo). Georgia is mentioned as Tier 4 in rates for referrals in someone else’s thread, so Brave knows that Georgia exists… I have also seen where Brave was planning to roll out ads/BAT earnings to most countries by the end of 2019, but the current list only displays 30 of the 197 countries.

It was mentioned in another post that it’s not always easy to figure out the regulations for countries with online advertisements and this tends to be the reason why they are not out in various countries yet. I know first hand though that Georgia is super lenient on internet regulations. An example is how pirating is actually super high and normal here and has only recently been frowned upon by American studios wanting the Georgian government to shutdown the websites (but the government isn’t doing it).

I am curious as to what the hold up would be, granted I know this would be Brave’s internal and unsharable information with the the public. I just wanted to put out there that Georgia is a great next region to start working with. People here are SUPER on top of cryptocurrency and mining bitcoin. Georgia is one of the largest bitcoin mining countries in the world with over 15% of all bitcoin coming from Georgia’s Bitfury. Since the entire ecosystem of Brave is very cryptocurrency friendly, Georgians would be jumping on Brave Browser once it is fully up and running with all of its benefits in no time. This includes Georgian companies who would be interested in running ads through Brave as well.

I see Brave becoming a HUGE benefit to those in Georgia including as a way to be secure with a neighbor such as Russia. Along with all of the other benefits i’ve mentioned, plus some. Especially with a partner such as Uphold. Combining a location to work with BTC and BAT is another big plus for the Georgian population.

Looking forward to having Brave Ads/BAT Rewards available in Georgia!
გაუმარჯოს! (Cheers!)

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