Bat reward should increase now

Brave bat reward should increase now as the price is very low from the all time high and we are using brave very much I like it too so it will be more beneficial if the rewards goes to back like normal… atleast previously we were getting 0.1 bat per ad…atleast now there should be 0.05 bat which is good I guess
Kindly look and change the bat rewards


.0.1= 10% and 0.05= 5%, so you want to move from 10 percent to 5 percent?! :man_technologist: :

Actually I know they will not give the 0.10 bat again so that’s why I thought atleast 0.05 bat for per ad is good

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The BAT per ad is set by the advertising market, not by Brave. It is what it is. You can see the amount of BAT for each ad in your region here:


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