BAT reward not consistent

For the last two months my Brave reward has been inconsistent.

April 2021 had a payment date of 6th April and when I tried to withdraw the earned amount (~ 3 BAT) on the day the payment date automatically moved to 6th May and did not give me an option to withdraw. However, after a few days, 1 BAT out of 3 BAT was auto transferred to my Uphold account and the remainder was carried forward to the following month.

Along with this months (May 2021) earned BAT I had in total around 4 BAT in total. On the date payment date which was 6th May, like the previous month there was no option to withdraw and the date moved automatically to 6th June. After a couple of days only 3 BAT got transferred to my Uphold but Brave reward still shows 4 BAT as pending.

Reward Summary doesn’t show any transaction either for the last two months. Has anyone come across this before?

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