BAT Reward is not crediting for watching Ads

Hi Brave Team
I am using Brave Browser regularly and watching ads but the reward BAT Tokens sometimes crediting or sometime not.
I am unable to find issue that why is it happening ?

In image my BAT token are 1.52 , 2 days before it was 1.48 BAT while I have watched more than 20 ads , it reached to 1.52 , while it must be more than 1.75 BAT.
Please look into this issue


Please someone suggest me how to contact with brave team via email support.
Ads (BAT) are not crediting into accounts while they reduced my credit from 1.60 BAT to 1.55 BAT. There must be approx. 1.8 BAT into account.
If Brave team didn’t solve this bug , I will uninstall this browser.

Same with mine… I received notification of ads and I click it but when I check my rewards it doesnt count.

I Think brave has again stopped crediting the rewards for watching Ads.
There is no change for my stat since 8th May 2021 , still hanged on 3.465 BAT while actively using brave and watching ads. They must be honest with their users otherwise next time I will uninstall this browser without any further complain.

Having the same issue.

Having the same issue also

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I’m also facing this same issue in Android,
Ads are coming but not counting in estimate rewards pending.

In my case, it is not completely stopped but almost.

I have the same issue.

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