BAT recovery from formatted HDD

So I factory reset my laptop (to resolve a bug) and I realized the one thing I didn’t think to copy was my web browser. Now I reinstalled Win10 and Brave, and I see no spot I can log in to my account.
I didn’t have a lot of BAT, but I’m trying to HODL and I believe it’ll be worth a lot more in the future.
I hope at least the ETH I spent will go to good use here

Version 0.56.12

I only know the story of the man who had Bitcoins on his hard drive… which is probably worth 80 million dollars today. The hard disk has come some time ago with a removal into the garbage, now he tries to find the hard disk with many people on the garbage place. :joy:

Will you get BAT back?

Hi @StevenMR,

Unless you have your wallet backup passphrase, then likely you’ll lost it. If you have it, then you can recover your wallet. cc @sriram @Mattches

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Like @eljuno mentioned if you have your backup code words you can recover the wallet and BAT. If you don’t have that unfortunately you wont be able to recover it. Make sure you back up wallet when you add BAT to it.

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