BAT received on only one device

Hi all, first post on the forum here!

I’ve been using Brave browser in 3 devices: Mobile, PC, and laptop. Individual BAT currencies were supposed to be credited to my uphold account on August 7, 2021 but I’ve only received the amount from mobile. And the ‘you’ll receive X BAT’ message has disappeared from the 2 devices in which I haven’t received BAT yet. Anyone else?

Payouts are currently processing, so don’t be alarmed if you have not yet received your BAT from ads. Please see this thread for updates - Monthly Ads Payout Status Update. Please do not send a DM with your information until after payments have finished processing.

Thank you for your patience!

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How long does it take to process the payment, because I have not had anything in my wallet for 3 weeks since I requested the payments.

Hey, just wanted to say thanks. I received BAT for one of my devices today. Appreciate the time you took to answer my question. Thanks and have a great day!

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