BAT Processing Taking Forever

Why does it take longer to transfer the fictional currency of BATs than it would to ship something to a different country? Been 9 days since my April rewards were supposed to come in


I suggest u to submit this ticket asap so that they may look into ur issue

I have BAT file running in background on Windows which lasts about ten minutes. Now I want to stop it while it’s running, but I can’t find its name in the process-list in the task manager. So how can I approach this? Thanks!


It seems difficult to stop a running BAT process in backgroud.And I decide to try to kill every process involved by the BAT file by name,which may be overkilled.It’s acceptable to me since most processes in my BAT file are not used frequently,such as ping,tracert,netstat etc.If you have any better solution please let me know.Thanks.
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