Bat pay is only .001 per ad

the ads are paying .001 per ad please correct

Check the ads pay amount at

.001 is not really an option .really like your site but .001 is not worth why would you even promote such a low payout

@terry4 BAT per ad has almost always been that low. Ad values change depending on a number of factors. An individual ad can pay as much as 0.05 and as little at 0.001. For example, here’s some screenshots of what some ads in my area are paying.

I have been getting paid .0025 for months what;s the point to even click an ad ,You have to click 1000 ads to get 1 bat if this is the new way things are going to be I guess I’ll move along .

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None. You don’t get paid for clicking ads. The only thing we get paid for is allowing the ad to generate. They only want us to click on the ad if we want to learn more about it.

Again, did you not pay attention to what I shared? Ads have always varied in amounts, for years. All you’re saying is you were lucky enough that the majority of your ads were paying different amounts. Some ads pay more, some don’t. They don’t all pay the same.

Like I said, been like this for ages.

really why does it give 0.001 bat ?

The last year for me, most ads pay out at least 0.01 (I’m in North America). This month, they have fallen to only 0.001 - 0.002 per ad. This is abysmal!

@Dheadrick Not true. Seriously, go show information now. I’ll show you mine, check out the video below:

I’m getting tired of the FUD and trolls, especially on this topic. And reason I’m saying trolls is because no issues from anyone and then suddenly in one day you have people trying to open duplicate topics on it and making the same false accusations. Of course, you then get other people who don’t have a clue who panic and think it’s true, so they start posting and sharing their story or concern.

The FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) then fuels and passes on other who then jump into the panic.

Maybe to prevent this in the future, add the payout to the ad history window. I asked for this a year ago and it still hasn’t shown up and would have eliminated all this FUD you don’t want to see…

Similarly, the same thing should exist for the creators to see an itemized list of tips received instead of just a balance…

Just two suggestions that would cutdown on people having to bug the Brave team so they can focus on real issues. I realize though that you are overhauling the entire vBAT system so I am confident that this will improve.

Yeah, I remember I brought it up on a Community Call a while ago. I forget if it was one @chriscat was on, if was Jimmy, or who? I recall them saying might be a good idea but not sure what ever happened since.

That’s actually changing if I remember the discussion properly. As I remember, they said there’s no longer going to be Creators payouts and instead tips will send immediately. That was in talk of the Brave Wallet integration, which should be here by June/July I believe. So when someone sends a tip, it’ll just process right through as its own transaction. No wait time or anything. (Might see if I can ask about that again on Tuesday, if they do have Rewards team on call like they said would be)

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