BAT on Rewards but Not appear on Uphold


I have finally see ads. But when I check my balance with 24.4 BAT on Brave, I see on Huphold 0.0 BAT.

Can you help me please?


Desktop? Mobile? Brave version? Did you already connect your Uphold account? etc etc. Providing more into can help with support and troubleshooting.


Brave Version and my account Uphold is connected

This one? :point_up::sweat_smile:

When you connect your Uphold account?

Desktop with Imac.
On my brave it’s writing :
Estimated Pending Rewards : 24.9 BAT
but on my Uphold account isn’t appear…

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You will find 2 pictures that show my numbers of BAT il my Brave browser and the numbers of BAT available in my Uphold account.

cc @steeven for assistance here

thank you for taking the time to answer me.

I’m having something like that, i’m using 2 brave browsers, one at work on windows 7 and the other one at home on macOS catalina. The windows one i got my bats today in my uphold account, but on my mac version I didn’t.
image 1 from macOS

image 2 from macOS

The other think is that on windows I got the verified icon on the bat logo but not on my mac even though if I click on verify wallet i get the uphold account as verified.
(image 3 from Windows 7

On the last image you can see the windows version transaction 9 hours ago
can someone help with this?
Thank you

I don’t know if that’s @steeven who solved the problem, but everything’s back to normal now. Thank you community…

I’m having the same worries I had last month.
I have finally see ads. But when I check my balance with 27.715 BAT on Brave, I see on Huphold 0.0 BAT.

Can you help me please @steeven ?


Hi, I have the same experience for 3 months since June on my mac desktop browser. It was okay prior to that.

Base on brave://rewards-internals under general tab, Rewards BAT has been accumulated for 3 months and not send to my Uphold Wallet. My other laptop Brave browser has been sending BAT to Uphold wallet every month.

Balance info

Total balance 16.44169 BAT
Rewards BAT: 7 BAT
Uphold Wallet: 9.44169 BAT

Please assist @steeven. Thanks.

I’m still having this issue. This month I still didn’t get the bats on my wallet. And the bats from last month just disappear. Weird science though.

So sad… Brave must do something !!!

Hello all,
This issue is known and we are currently investigating - please see:

The same here. Yesterday I finalized my Uphold account and claimed some BATs from a few mounths ago. But they didn’t go to my Uphold wallet.


Thank you very much …

Good day! I also cannot withdraw funds in brave browser. I have earnings but when I clicked withdraw funds, it directs me to uphold but nothing happens. I need help!

Hello, i have the same issues, i do see my rewards on brave browser but 0 on my uphold account, please help! Thanks.