BAT off-chain transaction history

Hello, I am a MSc student at University of Glasgow and am currently working on my dissertation project which focusses on analysing BAT transaction history between users, advertisers, creators etc. However, I now understand that the transactions between Brave itself, users, creators are all off-chain transactions in the internal ledgers of the centralised exchanges/custodial services that work with Brave, meaning it would not be possible for me to access these from the Ethereum ledger.

So I wanted to ask if there’s any possibility that Brave or any of the exchanges that Brave works with be would be willing to share the off-chain transactions data for BAT for my research? if not, do you know if that is something I can request or somehow obtain myself from the exchanges?

Gonna tag @mattches to see if he can assist or he can have someone assist. Thanks!
I’m not sure but that data does exist a bit at

@bayvazov could you explain a bit more what you’re hoping to track? Keep in mind that Brave is all about privacy and therefore they aren’t going to be open to share who got BAT, how much they got, and there won’t be tracking to see where it all goes. Even when tipping, it’s been done without revealing who it was that tipped. Just as I hardly doubt Gemini or Uphold would reveal much about anyone using their services in regards to how much crypto is held, received, or where it’s “spent/sent.”

Thanks for this, @SmartyAadi. I had a look at the transactions at the transparency page but I aren’t these off-chain transactions too?
I did have a look at the public Ethereum transactions that relate to BAT for those specific dates and the specific amounts and I could not find these. Even tried adding up different amounts with the idea that maybe these transactions comprised a number of smaller transactions but this was also unsuccessful.

So the idea of my project is to use the transaction history of BAT to identify where certain addresses belong to users of the Brave browser, advertisers or publishers. My project would not really go deeper than that and into finding a relation between the addresses and some actual real-world information about users.

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