BAT not transfering to my Zebpay wallet

Brave is not transfering my previous balance of BAT to my Zebpay wallet. It says payment complete on the brave ads payout status but the BTC still is not in my zebpay. The balance does show on my browser though

When did you connect your ZebPay account to your Rewards profile? The deadline to transfer any previous funds was Nov 2 00:00 UTC, so if you connected your ZebPay account after that time, your previous balance won’t be transferred over.

If it was before that time and perhaps the transaction is stuck, you’ll have to open a support ticket so they can look into your specific case:

you are right i did it after nov 2, does it mean that its stuck forever or will i get it next month

It means that previous balance just isn’t valid anymore. You shouldn’t be seeing it accounted for in your balance any longer.

For example, if you had 10 vBAT in your balance before connecting to ZebPay, and you connected to ZebPay after Nov 2 at 00:00 UTC, then that 10 vBAT is no longer valid and shouldn’t be appearing anywhere in your current balance.

Hope that helps explain the situation!

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