BAT not showing up when key is restored on another browser

When I backup recovery key on on pc browser and restore it to another browser the BAT is missing or the balance is wrong. I do not have an uphold account and did not think it was necessary.

I read that when one recovery key is restored that it deletes previous wallet. Is importing the exact same thing as restoring or does import add the balance to existing wallet balance?

If import and restore are identical, how would I merge funds from multiple wallets and browsers into one?

Try upgrading to .116 and restoring your BAT again:

You can use the same restore code on up to 3 devices simultaneously.

it keeps installing 115 instead of 116, I even tried the 117 branch and I get 115. I tried downloading the zip file and got an error about side by side.

I found a 116 installer that worked. If 116 doesn’t fix it can I try 117 or some of the other branches listed?

Yes, definitely give those a shot if it’s not working for you!

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