BAT not received after sending

I have tipped 15 BAT to the website but still, hasn’t received them.

As you see I tipped 15 BAT to on 10th November.

But when checked in Brave Creator dashboard, the BAT are not received yet.
Under It shows “added 2019-11-06” 1.09 BAT.

Why hasn’t it updated?
Did I lose the BAT?

Hi @arthurito,

It can take a little while for the tip dash to update, no need to worry.

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@steeven It’s been more than 7 days and its not yet updated

I have the same problem.6days have passed,Got 2 BAT instead of 20 BAT.

Hey ! +1 for me and a friend, we run the test to tip each other Creators account from the iOS grant and didn’t received anything in our respective “pending payouts” for a few days… just to let you know.

have a good weekend :wink:

@Balkani1K So did you eventually receive the BATs or not?

nothing for now… still not working/updated

I tried sending 1 BAT and it got updated instantly.
But those 17BAT are not yet received so I guess J just lost them.

Fix your system Brave.

My friend has sent me 20 BAT on 7 November and I haven’t received them yet.
Did I lose them too?

all fixed on my side… thanks :wink:

@Balkani1K You received all your bats?
When did you receive?

i have given up, asked many times in many places including DM and no help
very bad taste in mouth