BAT not credited to uphold


@tajernabil @JethroJ Did you guys receive the tokens? Because I didn’t.


@mjm295 not yet ,we are waiting , but @Asad told me that a few publisher have received payement


@mjm295 nope I still haven’t gotten anything yet in my uphold account. The money still seems to be in Brave Payments.


I received my deposit into Uphold yesterday


Still waiting as well. Been sitting in Brave Payments since the end of April


@Asad It also shows this for me: “Next payment occurs June 6, 2018” (and it’s 11th June). I haven’t received anything to Uphold yet. Not in a hurry to get the money, just thought I’d share this so the brave team at least knows of the problem.


@schlabam @vinicentus please PM me with your email address and usernames and I can look into your accounts.


@Asad even my BAT hasn’t credited yet. Please help me too.


@Asad 6 days have passed as the brave payments show 6 June as my transaction date. Can I know when will the transaction actually take place?


@mjm295: You should send your email address or channel name to @Asad so he can help look into your specific situation.

From Asad’s recent posts, it is likely that most of the people who have not yet received their payments have had their accounts automatically flagged for suspicious activity. With your publisher email or channel name(s), Asad will be able to tell you if your account is on the review list. From there, you can work through the process together.



@mjm295 & @tajernabil can you tell me when you receive your payments? I’m also a publisher having the same issue as y’all with payment. Thanks


@JethroJ Sure thing! I’ll update here once I have received the payment


@tajernabil @JethroJ I received my bat to uphold 3 hours ago. @Asad thank you so much for working this out


I checked now and its received hours ago its 6 AM lol , thanks @Asad for your help and patiente with us , very professional team
good luck , BRAVE is the best


Sorry if this has been covered in the past.
Are Brave Payments for publishers not being sent to Uphold yet? On the Brave Payments page it said that the next deposit was July 8th and now that we’re past the 8th it now says August 8th but none of the BAT sitting in my Brave Payments was deposited to my uphold account yesterday. Thanks in advance for the help =)


@UnitedByBass Please PM me with your Publishers email address and I’ll take a look :slight_smile:


Hi. I am a publisher as well and I can see my BAT tokens sitting on the Dashboard. My Uphold wallet says connected, but they do not seem to be going to the Uphold wallet.

Can you tell me if there is something I am doing wrong or not.

Thank you.


I have some BAT accumulated in my account. My uphold account is linked and there had been a Next Deposit Date of early August which has already passed.

Shows no last deposit:
Last Deposit Date: No deposit made yet

Now the Next Deposit Date has advanced a month and is showing September. My BAT balance still shows.

Is this supposed to be working? Is it a known problem that it doesn’t work?


Same here. Anyone see the answer on that question? Why BAT are not deposited to Uphold account? I have been waiting for an August date, and nothing happens. Now, the dashboard says that the next deposit is in September. This is obviously not working properly.


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