Bat not credit to my uphold

My 2.49 BAT not credit to my uphold account

Was it earned this month?

Yes it was earned this month

Sending screenshot attached

Yes it was earned this month

Will this earning going to my or directly to my uphold account

Sending screenshot attached

Yes it was earned this month

Thanks @simple77, if it was earned this month it will payout as a part of the September settlement.

How will I get the confirmation

you will get in the uphold account, not in the publisher account

Ok when can I expect

7 september-15setember

In the balance is showing 0 BAT and in brave browser is showing 2.466 BAT so will it go directly to my uphold account or IN on 8th or 13th September 2021

Ok thanks

Hi, thanks for being so nice in your support requests. When it comes to BAT earned on a personal browser of yours it’ll be sent/linked to your Uphold directly (assuming you are logged in, as you are in the screenshots.) To get BAT in your Publisher account you must be tipped by another Brave Browser user.

Edit: Source; User that has dealt with both Uphold and Publisher accounts. I am not Brave staff, they’d know better than me :slight_smile:

Ok thanks that means in future whatever will i earn on brave browser I will get directly to my uphold account.

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Yep! That’s what should happen. Happy browsing and thanks for using Brave and helping make a better internet :smiley:

So if I didn’t get it till 15th September 2021 will I send you for the query.

Best you ask Brave support staff themselves, as they’ll know best. I’m just a passionate customer. But feel free to @ me whenever. I’m always happy to attempt to help.

Happy browsing @simple77 Hope your day/nights are everything you could want. :smiley:

How about this sending screenshot attached.
Saurabh Sehgal

you had AUTO CONTRIBUITE ON…and you gave to uphold site 1 bat… turn off the AUTO CONTRIBUITE!!!1

Auto contribute is off

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