BAT not being transferred to my publisher account


I know as much as you do atm, which is only what has been said on this forum. If I get some kind of resolution, I’ll note it here. I see in another thread that their team has yet to discuss it. I’m not sure what there is to discuss, as BAT that I purchased with my own crypto is being withheld from me for no fault of my own. At this point, I think some display of urgency from Brave to resolve the problem and come up with a plan so that it won’t happen again would be nice, to show that they take this issue seriously.


@NT7S we definitely are taking this issue dead serious, but it’s a problem that takes a lot of time and research to properly address. A big cause for the delay is the fact that we are also currently working out a process flow for dealing with these types of issues. Much of the fraud detection code (along with the entire Payments system, really) is a work-in-progress too.

I’m hoping to get out an email with further instructions and clarifications sent out to affected publishers either today or later in the week.


Thanks for the update @Asad. I’m not trying to bust your chops, I didn’t know it was a problem that was so difficult to resolve. It sounded like a simple matter of putting us back into the “good” bucket based on the very limited information we were given. I won’t bug you guys further.


My fault for not explaining it more thoroughly then! It is definitely a complex issue that we are still trying to figure out the best way to process. And please, bug us as much as you want!


Any updates on this?

I’m looking at my Publisher dashboard now. My statement shows incrementing user contributions month by month but contribution payouts stopped after March. User contributions from April is missing (I also have duplicate lines for some dates, so … maybe I’m not sure how to read this.) Account balance is 0 so I’m not sure what happens to the user contributions I’m [not] receiving. The monthly contributions don’t show up in my Uphold account either.

I’d feel more comfortable if my Publisher dashboard said “Temporary suspended” or “Pending manual review” or gave any other indication other than “balance zero; the system isn’t working – whoopsie!”


In looking over my statement, I notice that my user contribution went down precipitously after I was flagged as suspicious, seeming to consist only of the small amount of BAT I was sending myself for testing purposes. It could be that this is accurate. But I don’t know what’s going on at this point, and there’s no audit trail to check to see that it’s true that no one else allocated me BAT even though I received a fair amount of it in previous months in which I was a publisher participant. In spite of the small user contributions noted for the last three months, I also still have a 0 balance and have never been paid for them.

Once again, I sent myself ~5 BAT at the end of June and my dashboard balance is still 0.00. As another payout date approaches and no new information about what they are doing to our accounts is forthcoming, I’m starting to get a sinking feeling.


It’s 9 July and I’m here to note that as I feared, I still have not received any payment into my Uphold account, nor has my BAT balance in the publisher dashboard changed from 0.00.

I’m frustrated and wondering what I’m going to have to do to get you to fix this problem after two months of you being aware of it. Perhaps it would be best for me to walk away at this point. I’m not certain. What really gets me is not the BAT that’s missing at this point, it is that I encouraged people that I know to try Brave, to the point of probably annoying them, and this is what happens in return. I invested a fair bit of time and effort into ithe ecosystem as a way to fund my work but I can’t rely on it at all.


My account statement shows three new user contributions in June. (Is it one item per contributing user?) But no new contribution payout.


@NT7S I have had this issue since February (5 months now) and every time there’s a new issue. I was told that I was removed from the suspicious list and that I would get my funds July 8th but nothing. At this point I’m thinking of giving up too. It’s not fair that we have used up all this time and effort and not get what we were promised. I had 504 downloads but only 106 were counted as confirmed and been waiting 5 months to get that money. @Asad please fix this before August 8th and get us paid.



@JethroJ hi mate i was experienced the same problem like you, but this month i have received all contribution,don’t give up and patiente, @Asad is an awesome men just PM him and he will help you for sur
good luck for all


@Asad I am experiencing the same issue. My last contribution went out on July 21 and my publisher account has not been credited with the 15 BAT that was sent. How long does the payment take to hit your publisher account?
I also talked with a friend who contributed 15BAT to my youtube account that has not been credited as well. So now I have 30BAT missing.


Hi @UnitedByBass, it may take a days for the contribution arrived at your publisher wallet, AFAIK. I think this behavior’s changed because previously it’ll show the balance ~24hours after contribution be made.

You can generate your statements to see which contribution that already sent to your publisher wallet. If not yet processed, you may see 0 entry there.

Thank you,


None of your BAT will go missing :slight_smile: There are some bugs with the dashboard right now. Refer to your statement for the most accurate information.

As @eljuno pointed out, it’ll take a few days for the money to show up.


Appreciate the quick replies. Thank you


@Asad Hello Asad, i have the same problem. In my work, many colleagues have installed brave and they have send me his token.

But i haven´t recived anything. And i have confirmed 11 referal promo.


Do you need to know my account?


@heradius please PM me the email you’re using for your publishers account and i’ll dig into it :slight_smile:


Hello, I am having the same problem. 30 BAT went out of my browser account, but has not appeared in the uphold wallet. Should I use this thread or start a new one?


Hello, I am having the same problem. 30 BAT went out of my browser account, but has not appeared in the uphold wallet. Should I use this thread or start a new one?

Hi Andy, when you say “my browser account”, do you mean the Brave Payments wallet inside your Brave web browser?

After a contribution, it may take up to 7-10 days for the BAT to arrive inside your publisher dashboard, so it is normal if you’re not seeing it right away in your publisher dashboard even though you’re seeing the contribution processed inside your browser.


Hi Chriscat, thanks for replying.

Yes I meant it’s showing as gone from my Brave payments wallet, but not showing in my walllet for the publisher account. It’s not that crucial anyway at this stage, just trying to figure out how it works. I’m going by what’;s shown in the uphold page. I didn’t know there was a publisher dashboard, maybe I haven’t set it up properly.
I’ll look again an a week or two and see if it’s turned up. Thanks

PS sorry, I found the dashboard, it’s not showing there either. As you say, I’ll wait and see.