BAT not added to uphold account

My uphold account is not updated with my Brave Rewards BAT

…need help…

IF this is for the first time you are connecting your browser to uphold. You can try Gemini crypto as well. You can connect browsers and publisher account as well.

Please give us some more info .
Did you verify your uphold account?
How many BAT are pending?
When did you install Brave.
And can you share a screenshot from your brave://rewards/ maybe?
The more Info is providet the faster comes help.
Trust me. :wink:

If you’ve just installed Brave you need to wait untill 6 sept to get u’re BAT synked on the Uphold account :cowboy_hat_face:

yes i verified my uphold account i am having brave for a long time and yesterday only i created my uphold account 46 BAT are in pending

Sounds like you have to wait until sept. 7th.
If there is no transfer after this date, i suggest to contact on of the admins via DM. Link below.

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Hi @giftson - if you verified and connected your Uphold before the 1st, you should receive your first payment this month.

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Thank you sir for your info

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