BAT no longer in wallet after update - Recovery Key not working



I recently backed up my BAT wallet on 12/14/2017, printed out my recovery key, then updated my Brave Browser. At the time, my BAT wallet had 360ish BAT in it. After the Brave update my BAT wallet still had the right amount.

Today, at about 4pm PST, I saw that the Brave browser needed an update. I checked my BAT wallet balance and still had near my original amount ( - 25BAT for content creators, Payment made DEC,13th) I had already backed up my wallet so, I clicked update. After the update, my BAT wallet had a balance of $0.00. “Thats ok, I backed it up.” I said to myself. I entered the recovery code and was given a notification that $0.00 had been restored to my wallet? I repeated the process and still have 0 BAT in my BAT wallet.


Please advise. Thanks in advance.


Thanks for reporting @Handsome_Gorgeous. I’m going to close the thread as I believe it’s a duplicate of Missed founds in brave wallet.


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Duplicate of Missed founds in brave wallet.