Bat never started processing

For the 4th month in a row my bat never starts processing I have made a ticket each month and last month I got a email saying that it had been resolved and yet this month comes and it still isn’t processing can someone help with this.

I use Windows 11
Brave is up to date v1.45.116

I’ll encourage you to do the same (Raise a ticket), raise one here.and do share the ticket id.

@Mattches @steeven @SaltyBanana please look into this.

Here is the new ticket 162654 I also included the past ticket numbers in the description of this ticket . @Mattches @steeven @SaltyBanana

Hi @Doug1

Looking into your issue now.

Thank you for your help

Hi @Doug1

One of our agents just responded to your ticket.

Saltybanana :banana:

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